FDA certificate-Food and Drug Administration

2019-02-11 21:32:48 王德村

December 2018 is an exciting month, because our company has passed the assessment and obtained the FDA certificate, which means that our company's products are in line with the world's strict standards. Our company has always been strict with the world standards, "integrity, service" has always been our company's philosophy and purpose.


In addition, in December 2017, completed commissioning, internal audit, management review, after careful outside simulation and a series of evaluation procedures, in the company leadership attaches great importance to and under the joint efforts of all departments, orderly and smoothly through the audit work, success was awarded the intellectual property management system certification, in the standardized management of intellectual property, intellectual property, intellectual property risk prevention and so on to a new level.

Intellectual property is the future of enterprises, and the protection of intellectual property is the fire of innovation. The company has obtained the "intellectual property management system certification certificate", which is not only a positive response to the proposed work of strengthening the construction of the intellectual property system, but also a good foundation for enhancing the company's intellectual property management level and promoting the company's scientific and technological innovation.

We know that every honor is hard-won and comes from the efforts of every employee. Therefore, those who hold a lot of honor will return to the public with updated image, better products and services in the future development, and promote the continuous prosperity of China's watch industry with continuous innovation and management optimization.

We firmly believe that in the near future, the company will better realize the acquisition, maintenance, application and protection of intellectual property rights, improve the ability of independent innovation, so as to gain competitive advantages for its own development and promote the strategic transformation and upgrading of the company. Through intellectual property management standardization, standardization, specialization of system construction, design a set of specifications and effective intellectual property management system and working methods, and insist on the all-round, multi-angle improve enterprise in the market competition strength, continue to establish good national brand image with innovation strength, economic development to create new brilliance!